#StopTrump, #FullStop

The rhetoric in the 2016 election has thrown civil discourse out the window and derives its strength from increasing divisiveness in our society. It is not enough to oppose it privately, we must publicly demand a stop to the scapegoating, the fear mongering, the hatred, the misogyny, and the lurid conspiracy theories. While we will send an important message by rejecting Donald Trump’s candidacy at the polls, by the widest margin possible, we must also defeat Trumpism on every street corner across the USA.  I made these stickers so that you can spread a message that will challenge your neighbors as they stop at street corners to pause, read, and reflect on their own biases and the ways in which they can be a positive force for diversity and inclusion now and far into the future.


Donald Trump’s words and actions are normalizing sexism and gendered insults as “locker room banter,” in ways that are traumatic to survivors of sexual assault and harassment and radiate toxicity to women and families across the country. Left unchecked or excused, Trumpism dismisses the real harm caused by the words and behaviors that threaten to result in backward policies that create barriers for women at home and in the workplace. #StopMisogyny


Donald Trump has encouraged the scapegoating and demonization of Latinx Americans, immigrants, refugees, and Muslims for his own political gain. Whether it be his sloganeering about building a wall on our southern border, imposing a religious test on immigrants seeking refuge in the US, or introducing a draconian US Muslim registry, each implies that there is something to be feared in ‘the other’ and that he will somehow quell these fears.  In doing so, this ‘othering’ rhetoric bundles American’s legitimate fears of terrorism and a panoply of misplaced paranoia, encourages racial and ethnic animus, and has already—to varying extents— influenced the hate that leads to acts of violence that have threatened or taken lives of American citizens. We need to stop this. #StopIslamophobia


Donald Trump is a canary in a coal mine. The fact that someone so inexperienced and toxic made it this far in our election cycle should serve as a clarion call to all Americans that under our patina of democratic values lies a cancer of societal alienation and intersecting structures of racism, sexism, and religious and racial bigotry. This cancer needs to be cut out, and efforts to promote healing must extend well beyond November 8th, 2016.  In 2016, no one should feel comfortable being racist, sexist, Islamophobic, homophobic…this shit needs to stop. #stoptrump , #fullstop